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Initial rate 25 year
Initial term Mortgage Type Lender fees Lender fee LTV Reverts to Do I Qualify? Logo
Calculate 1.41% 4.5% 2 years Tracker £995.00 £995 60% 4.99% Do I Qualify?
Calculate 1.48% 4.1% Until 31 Dec 2020 Fixed £995.00 £995 60% 4.49% Do I Qualify?
Calculate 1.53% 4.1% Until 31 Dec 2020 Fixed £995.00 £995 75% 4.49% Do I Qualify?
Calculate 1.54% 4.8% 5 years Discount £0.00 £ 75% 5.69% Do I Qualify?
Calculate 1.69% 4.1% Until 31 Dec 2020 Fixed £995.00 £995 85% 4.49% Do I Qualify?
Calculate 1.72% 3.9% 2 years Tracker £999.00 £999 85% 4.24% Do I Qualify?
Calculate 1.79% 3.9% Until 31 Jan 2021 Fixed £999.00 £999 90% 4.19% Do I Qualify?
Calculate 2.74% 5.3% 2 years Discount £0.00 £ 95% 5.69% Do I Qualify?
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The APR (The overall cost for comparison) shown in the tables assumes a mortgage of £120,000 being paid on a 'Capital & interest' repayment basis over a 25 year period
The information provided here may be insufficient for you to choose a mortgage. We do have access to other arrangements that are not displayed.
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Please note Lenders can withdraw these products at any time. In general, Buy to Let mortgages are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.