Ever heard the saying 'There is no such thing as a free lunch'? Well I think registering for QPQ is as close as you get. If you are providing the option of conveyancing for your client and using one of the two firms offered by HBS why would you not register for QPQ? Your client gets - what I have so far found to be - a very competitive conveyancing cost combined with the safety net of having their transaction covered by a protection policy that will pay back their conveyancing and lender fees, should the purchase not proceed. Assuming the case proceeds as normal, as in the case of my first bit of business with Easier2Move, you get regular emailed updates on progress and upon completion you are paid a referral fee from the solicitors and a contribution from QPQ towards your monthly subscription cost of HBS. It's a no brainer, why wouldn't you want to register for QPQ?”
I found the course very useful and will be amending our website and marketing material to reflect this approach.
These courses are extremely useful even if you have been using the software for a while, because it is a great refresher and I found you always learn something new!”
Fantastic presentation - Brokers who are cursing dual pricing and moaning about commissions should definitely attend - fee based advice is the future of the mortgage market and HBS are ahead of the game in providing the technology and processes to support this
Thanks very much for the training yesterday afternoon - both Tim & I found it really useful, especially from a marketing point of view and has given us loads of ideas.  We are getting to work on these straightaway before our competitors find out about your system
By chance I have this morning spoken to two clients with mortgage requirements of £500k and £1.35m for new purchases where offers were accepted yesterday - shame most days don't start this way!
The ability to do direct deals essentially ensures I'll get the business as both of these are likely to go through my contact at RBS with their products being so competitive at present. They save circa £4500 and £13500 respectively for the clients over just 2 years, though a 5 year may be more likely for the latter saving even more!   Without HBS this would have been impossible!
The mortgage market has changed, probably for ever, and it is no use using tools developed for yesterday's market to survive and prosper today.

HBS is a system designed to help the adviser prosper in today's climate.

We want to provide our advisers with a tool which will put them in a strong position with clients regardless of any future changes in distribution which may occur and I believe HBS does just that
I am unaware of any other system that is as thorough or accurate. The ability to search and advise on a "true" whole of market basis in today's market is invaluable, and HBSLite is truly superb at enabling me to do this
I think that your system may have contributed to saving my business. I went self-employed in 2004, and in the last four years have built an excellent client bank. The vast majority of my clients have prime mortgages and I do some Buy to Let business. When dual pricing kicked in, I lost two re-mortgages - but now with your system, I am able to offer clients a fee paying service or intermediary products, dependant on which is best for their circumstances.
My income will be significantly reduced this year - but I reckon I can survive on the basis of the goodwill of my clients, my preparedness to embrace change, and the effectiveness of your system.
Keep up the good work!
This is the type of system all brokers need to ensure compliance and reduce the risks of giving advice in a regulated environment.
Home Buyer certainly assists the professional status of the advisor, and therefore their reputation. Home Buyer's honest and trustworthy approach underlines thier integrity, and get up and go attitude screams of a dynamic approach to business.
They have certainly exceeded my expectations